Simplifying My Life

Hi y’all! I know it’s been awhile since I wrote a blog post & I apologize for the absence and inconsistency. I’m working on getting back to posting here as well as social media because this is my website that I actually own and well social media and their algorithms are working my last nerves! So look for more blog posts soon!

In the meantime I wanted to pop in and share something I created. I love planners and stickers just like the next person however with taking care of myself, my family & my business (in that order!) I just don’t want to make the time to always play in my planner. I actually have found I’m more efficient if I make a list and check it off. So that’s what I did! I made a to do list with some things I wanted to include such as spaces to write a verse or an affirmation and to write what I am thankful for. I also included an area to list the top 3 things I want to accomplish that day. I am loving using this list because it’s simple and allows me to feel accomplished when I check something off. I write my list in the morning, take a picture so that I can refer to it thru the day (because we ALWAYS) have our phones and when winding down for the evening or even the next morning sometimes I can check off what got done and move what didn’t to the next day or even delegate it (we’ll talk more about delegating in another post because it’s important!)

I figured I would share my list here for anyone to download and use for themselves! Let me know what y’all think?

Love Ricki

Chaffles: My New Obsession

Blueberry Bacon Chaffles

Hi y’all I know it’s been a minute (or 5) since I’ve posted a recipe on the blog but to be honest between working from home, my grazing box business, mommin’ and my social life I’ve been busy!!! Plus if you following me on Instagram (make sure you are @severalpeoplesmama) you know I’ve been posting recipe reels a lot lately because their quick and easy and everyone’s loves a video. But my goal is to post more on the blog so you will have a reference point so I thought I would share the basic foundation recipe for my new obsession- the chaffle! The chaffle is a low carb/keto friendly version of a waffle which can be made to be sweet or savory & while searching Pinterest I have found several recipes that I will try and share but first we need to get to the basic recipe.

All you need for a basic chaffle is a mini waffle maker (you probably could use a regular size one too but these are too fun!) and the ingredients below:


  • 1 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 2 tbs of almond flour (you can also use coconut flour but those are preferred in sweeter versions)
  • 2 eggs

Add what you like, mix the ingredients together, spray your waffle maker and pour in & cook for about 3-5 minutes.

And that’s it! That makes about 4 mini waffles. The fun part is adding different ingredients and making all the versions!

Today on Instagram I’ll be making a Blueberry Bacon chaffle which would be a perfect low car/keto option to add to your Easter Brunch! Make sure you go there to check out my reels and subscribe to the blog for upcoming versions and so many other recipes coming up!!

Love Ricki

Easy Cheesesteak Sliders

I have received so many DMs and messages on IG and Facebook about this recipe so I knew I had to get this blog post up STAT! It’s funny because this was really a spare of the moment thing that I decided to try. My Hunny took me and the kids to Dave and Buster’s a few weekends ago and Middle Diva ordered a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. She kept saying how good it was and ate it all before I could get a bite *side eye*. So when I was in the grocery store this past weekend I saw beef shaved steak on sale and decided to make my own version as sliders using our fav Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. It was a hit! I’m sure this is on Pinterest already a hundred thousand times but that’s why I love cooking because you can always put your own spin on things! Here’s my version of Cheesesteak Sliders:


  • 1 package of Beef Shaved Steak (the one I used was 14 oz and more than enough for 4 people)
  • 1 medium onion sliced
  • 1/2 green bell pepper sliced (feel free to use more if you like)
  • 3 tablespoons of butter (you will use 1 to cook the veggies and the other 2 to melt over your rolls)
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 package of Provolone cheese
  • To season my meat I used approximately 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp of Seasoning salt (Tony’s), onion powder, garlic powder, pepper, & about 1-2 tsp of Steak sauce (use sparingly because it could get salty real quick!)
  • 1 package of Hawaiian rolls (12 count)


I first started by preheating my oven to 350 degrees. In a medium sized sauce pan I added the olive oil and a tablespoons butter and let it melt on medium low. I turned it up to medium high and then added the onions and peppers and sautéed them for about 2-3 minutes then I put the heat on low and let them simmer while I seasoned my beef.

I cooked the beef on my electric griddle but you can certainly turn up the heat to medium high on the same pan you cooked the veggies (I would remove the veggies and then add back in when closer to the beef being done.) I added the beef to a hot griddle and then added my steak sauce and then once the beef was almost cooked added the veggies. This goes fast because the beef is thin so be mindful of that. Turn the heat down if need be you don’t want to burn your meat!

I cut my package of Hawaiian rolls in half by slicing the lengthwise similar to if you were leveling a cake. I then added a light layer of mayonnaise (optional) and then my cooked meat and veggies, and topped off with the cheese and then the top half of the rolls. I melted the remaining 2 tablespoons of butter in the microwave and added a dash of garlic and onion powder. I then poured that over the top of the buns and put in the oven about 10-15 minutes so the cheese would melt. I removed from the oven and sliced the rolls and served with tater tots. This would be good with chips or fries and a side of fruit for dinner or serve this as part of your spread for Super Bowl Sunday!

If you make this recipe please share by tagging me on IG @severalpeoplesmama! I love to see y’all cook!

Also don’t forget to join our Cook Yo Meals community on Facebook! We are sharing meal plans, dinner inspiration and just learning new ways to get a meal on the table. If you’re interested click here.

Love Ricki

Things to do besides think about a man!

We have all been there. We were feeling someone and everything was cool and then boom you’re not sure what happened or what went wrong but you are now being ignored or even ghosted. I have said so many times and I will say it again. Match his energy. But I also know we are human and it is easier done than said. So when he’s on your mind and you want to text, call or even do a drive by (don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about!) get out your feelings, block him and turn your phone off and do something else! Suggestions are below lol.

  • Clean your room or your house
  • Read a good book
  • Start a blog or make a new blog post
  • Start a business
  • Go back to school or finish that paper you were working on
  • Research and start a new career
  • Journal
  • Go to church
  • Pray for yourself and others
  • Volunteer (at a woman’s shelter)
  • Cook a good meal or bake something and eat it without guilt (allow yourself grace!)
  • Babysit
  • Exercise
  • Take a long walk
  • Take a road trip
  • Travel to your dream place alone
  • Go to the nursing home and visit (you might gain some wisdom in the process)
  • Cook a meal and bring it to a single mama
  • Visit loved ones
  • Make a bomb ass playlist
  • Organize a space in your home
  • Watch your favorite movie
  • Watch ratchet TV and be happy that isn’t your life lol
  • Read your bible (read Ester, Ruth or the Song of Solomon)
  • Write a 100xs you will not text or call him!
  • Go shopping or window shopping
  • Call your mama or daddy
  • Call, FaceTime or Skype a friend and have a good laugh or cry
  • Make a new friend
  • Send nice comments to your social media peeps
  • Take yourself out on a date
  • Take a hot long bubble bath
  • Play with some toys LOL
  • Donate something (clothes, time or money)
  • Research and start a new hobby
  • Wash and clean your car
  • Have a dance party
  • Hug and kiss on your kids
  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Go to Dollar Tree or your local dollar store
  • Decorate a space in your home
  • Put flowers on a loved ones grave
  • Paint your nails and toes
  • Wash and style your hair
  • Put on something cute and sexy
  • Look in the mirror
  • And remember you are worthy of the best!!!

Love Ricki


Dress: here Slides: here

As middle age women I don’t think we believe that we are still growing. Maybe not physically (well physically cause I obviously gain weight lol) but we are growing in our behaviors and attitudes toward life. I know that I am and where I was in life could no longer contain me. I had to take a step and find a new place to grow. This was very scary for me because when you take steps towards the unknown fear sets in and you want to immediately run back to where you came from. But at some point in your life you have say to yourself I can no longer stunt my own growth and let go and move forward. It’s still scary but you do it anyway.

I simply want to encourage you with this post to not stunt your own growth! If you are here and you open your eyes everyday that’s a new opportunity to move from your planter to a beautiful garden. Open your mind to new ideas, new thoughts and new mindsets and even if fear rears it’s ugly little head do it afraid. There is so much more out here promised for us. I used to think opportunities passed me because I was too old. I used to think I was too old to be a blogger but I pushed fear aside and did it anyway. And for that I have grown in unimaginable ways! I have done things I never thought I was capable of doing!!! And I’m still growing!!! At 40! So I want you the same for you. If you are not blooming where you are planted think about what you must do to grow. Think about the moves you must take to grow to your full potential and then start taking those steps. You are NEVER too late or old as long as you’re waking up to live another day! Always remember that.

Love Ricki

40 Finally!!!

Hey ya’ll guess what? I am finally 40!!! While some women probably would not be happy about growing older I embrace it and I feel that it’s a blessing to wake up each morning. And ya’ll already know women just get better with time anyway! So in this post I wanted to share my birthday weekend and what I wore of course and  I wanted to visit my very first blog post and update ya’ll on what I have accomplished on my 40 by 40 list as well as discuss some recent life changes. So here we go!

For my birthday weekend I decided to keep it low key. I have had so many changes in my life recently that it wasn’t on my mind to throw a big party as I originally planned. Instead I invited family and several friends to a popular restaurant here in Houston called Pappadeaux’s. They serve delicious seafood and Cajun dishes and my favorite drink, The Swamp Thing.

For some reason I have been obsessed with white and gold. I originally planned on ordering a white dress from Zara but I opted for another color (which you will see in a post soon). I had purchased this white jumpsuit from Forever 21 about 2 weeks prior but there was an issue because it was backless and ya’ll already know the struggle with me and this chest. With the help of my oldest daughter I got in the jumpsuit and I was able to secure the girls. What ya’ll don’t see in the pics is that I broke a strap (UGH) and had to safety pin it lol. Fortunately I know how to make things work and I pulled it off at least for the dinner.

Jumpsuit: here Shoes: here

Here are some pics from the dinner:

On Saturday night I attended a 90s throwback concert with my sister. The concert featured 112, Jagged Edge, GUY and Keith Sweat. They really could have left Keith’s ole begging self at home! I was most excited to see GUY! I have loved this group for so long and I have to say their performance was the best. These men range from 49 to 53 and they looked and sounded good!!! Here is what I wore and a few clips from the concert.

So here’s my 40 by 40 list!

  1. Start a blog – Well ya’ll are reading it lol
  2. Learn to sew and actually complete a wearable garment. – I don’t know if this is a goal that will ever get accomplished. I am not sure I have the patience to sew.
  3. Become better with technology. – I can honestly say that I have gotten better with technology. I am sure I am not at a level that I need to be but the fear I used to have has subsided. I also got an Iphone and I am never coming back Team Android!
  4. Take a family cruise with extended family from BOTH sides. We are actually planning a cruise for this year for my in law’s 40th wedding anniversary.
  5. Start a new career. – I did not accomplish. I am undecided as to what career path I want to follow at this point in my life. BUT I am taking steps. I actually went on a job interview a few months back and I haven’t been on one of those in 10 years!
  6. Lose 10-15 more pounds. – Well due to some medical issues I actually gained weight BUT I am losing it and almost back to the size I was when my first blog post was written. With the help of Keto (learn about Keto here) I am hoping to lose even more weight soon.
  7. Learn basic Spanish. – Nope and it probably isn’t happening. I know my limitations and with everything going on in my life I don’t have the brain power. Also, that’s why we have Siri.
  8. Read at least 5 thought provoking life changing books. – I was so close! I read 3 and I am working on the 4th now.
  9. Take some cooking classes or a cake decorating class to extend my repertoire. – I still plan on accomplishing this soon.
  10. Learn to do box braids for my girls. – I did learn how to do box braids and I did them on myself (you can see them on this post here). My oldest daughter was first in my chair lol and I plan on hooking my younger two daughters up this summer. My son also wants me to learn how to twist so I can twist his hair because for some odd reason he believes he will look like Michael B. Jordan on Black Panther. (extreme side eye)
  11. Take a vacation with my husband alone. – Well this didn’t happen and is not going to happen as I no longer am with my husband. So let’s take a moment to talk about things. Of course I cannot get too personal and say exactly what went on to cause our break up. Honestly, it’s nobody’s business but ours but I will say this: when looking for a mate you need to find a compatible partner. They say opposites attract but that’s all they do. If people are not on the same page or don’t have the same morals and values and goals it is hard for them to continue a relationship long term. Love and/or lust will only last for so long. You have to have commitment to go the long run. You also have to have respect. Feelings are not facts and they are fleeting. They change so much so you have to know that person is committed to you and respects you when the love is not there or when times get hard and you don’t like each other very much. I love my husband, he gave me four wonderful children and I wish him all the peace and happiness in the world. I however was not the one for him anymore and he wasn’t for me either. As you become more seasoned in life you will learn how to identify what you want and need and you will gain the courage to make those choices or adjustments even when you aren’t sure where they will take you.
  12. Write a book – I am still working on an e-cookbook for ya’ll. It’s coming soon I promise!
  13. Go to one of those painting with a twist parties – I did this back in October and it was so much fun. I wanted to have one for my birthday but with all the recent changes in my life it just didn’t work but I would love to have a Girl’s Night Out for Seasoned Women only doing this!
  14. Implement a weekly self care routine – This is a work in progress. I have started to do a couple of things every week that is about me and just for me. I encourage everyone to do the same.
  15. Give a single mom the night off. – I am surprised I haven’t done this yet but with mother’s day approaching it is definitely high on the to do list.
  16. Go to a networking event by myself – Nope! I wouldn’t say I’m scared to do this but I haven’t searched for one to go to yet. The plan is to go to one this summer.
  17. Decorate every major holiday – Fail. I did it up fro Christmas tho!
  18. Get a bike or rollerblades and actually use them.- I need to do this. I need to start incorporating some type of exercise into my weight loss journey and it needs to be something I enjoy so I will stick to it.
  19. Purchase a new car. – Done! And I am so glad I did.
  20. Repair my credit – This has definitely been something I have been consciously working on and my credit score has improved a lot. Like almost by 100 points. My goal is to purchase a home in the next 3 years and I am on track to do that!
  21. QUIT my current job. – Nope! I still work here but again I have been making a conscious effort to look for another position.
  22. Take my oldest daughter and son to a personal finance class or seminar.- My oldest has actually taken a personal finance course this semester in college. I am working on getting my son to take a class in high school.
  23. Restructure my student loans (remember I went to UOP). Done! They won’t be repaid anytime soon but at least I’ll be debt free before I’m dead.
  24. Take a new family picture.- This is in the works for this summer since my son sad our last family photo shoot was embarrassing.
  25. Complete the 52 week savings challenge.- No. Since making a drastic and last minute move my savings is pretty much non-existent but I’m working on it.
  26. Begin and maintain an exercise routine.-No! And I don’t want to but my sister is forcing me to join a gym with her so I may have to.
  27. Go on one on one dates with each of my children.- I have done this with about 3/4 of my kids lol. It is sooo fun! I encourage you to do this. These kids really have a lot of interesting things to say and a whole different and enlightening point of view.
  28. Spend more quality time with my extended family. (We are getting old!)- I have made an effort to attend family events and I have enjoyed seeing and talking to family members I haven’t seen in years.
  29. Take a spinning class-NO. But again this may be happening soon.
  30. Throw an event for women who love beauty and fashion and want to make friends like me! – I have some plans I am working on to host a small GNO event this summer for my seasoned sisters.
  31. Consistently earn 2 additional incomes.- This is still in the works. I really have to make an effort to start a consistent side income especially since I am now a single mom.
  32. Create a daily prayer routine. (I actually pray constantly but I would like some structure)- I read the Confident Woman devotional by Joyce Meyer and say a prayer. I do need to work on being more consistent with it.
  33. Decorate my master bedroom.-I am excited to do this because now I get to decorate how I want! I will also be taking ya’ll along with me as I decorate my whole home on a budget.
  34. Upgrade my camera and blog once I learn more about technology.- This is still a work in progress. I promise using this iPhone is just too easy but I do need to get a real camera once I am able to buy one cash.
  35. Go to school for cosmetology. My passion and purpose is to help other women look and feel beautiful.- I decided this is no longer a goal for me. I feel like I can still help women look and feel beautiful with my blog.
  36. Write several posts on mental health awareness. I don’t think people take this as seriously as they should.- I wrote a post and shared my story and I plan to write more posts like this as I navigate this new chapter in my life.
  37. Make new friends outside of my circle (work, church, family).- I have to say I have successfully did this. I have made friends here in Houston and in other cities and I am loving meeting more women and developing a real sisterhood. I believe women especially black women are portrayed as catty and never getting along (look at reality TV) but in real life we are not. We have to do so much in life so we keep a tough exterior but we need to let down those walls and embrace our sisters and support one another. When I did this I have made life long friends! Ultimately that is my goal with my blog above everything else!
  38. Start a FB group for women over 30 about beauty and fashion. Sorry younger ladies, our needs are different once you reach a certain age.- I actually upped this age to 35 and we talk about everything in our group, not just beauty and fashion. It is truly awesome to be able to talk, encourage and learn from so many wonderful ladies. If you are over 35 and interested in joining the group it’s called It’s Better When it’s Seasoned on Facebook. I have some plans for these ladies!!!
  39. Open a business. (Look out for it).- WIP. It’s coming!!!
  40. Go hard! I want to stop half-assing it, procrastinating and just get it done. Whatever it is. No excuses.- I can honestly say I took some big steps and leaps of faith this year. I actually changed my whole life and my family dynamic. I found some much needed peace and happiness and I am grateful for everything, every person and every lesson. So there was definitely no half-assing it for me this year. I mean NONE!

Well that’s a wrap on 39. Now it’s time for me for me to live my absolute BEST life!!! What are you doing this year to live your best life? Are you knocking things out on your list? Let me know.

Love Ricki

My Story

My story of how I finally learned to love myself.

Yup we are going to talk about Self-Love. I know you are like GIRL I love me! And if you do then great! This post isn’t for you then. But for those who are still learning to love their selves you are welcome to read my story.

This post was originally a Galentine’s Day look. You know to hang with your girl crew. Maybe a quick happy hour or gabfest over dinner. The top is cute and comfortable (size down!) and snatches that waist! And because I intend to get a lot of wear out of all my clothes and shoes the red boots are back and I feel they are appropriate for this type of event (hello Valentines = Red).

Even though I bought a new wig hot flashes (at least I thought they were lol) kept me from wearing it. I decided to try out a natural hairstyle instead. You see my 12 year old daughter entered 6th grade which is considered middle school here in TX and the growing pains have arrived. She no longer loves and embraces her beautiful thick long and curly natural hair. And that saddens me. She wants her hair straightened and worn long (I’m thinking someone commented on her having short hair but we all know the shrinkage struggle) and even though I’ve done it for her I’ve explained this can’t be a frequent hairstyle because of the heat damage. I could see the disappointment in her eyes and Lord knows I want to make her happy but I’m also her mother and must do what’s best. So I decided to wear my natural hair to show her Mama loves being natural too. Now even though my youngest two daughters are natural and have never had relaxers and I can say I style their hair pretty well, mine ain’t like that! It’s gonna take some getting used to but I’m confident I can learn my hair.

Shirt: here Jeans: old Boots: here

BUT HUNNY!!! If you knew me say 4-5 years ago I could not have stepped out in public with my natural hair EVER!!! I would have felt ugly. Period. I had low self esteem and hardly any self confidence. I looked haggard (my sister and mother actually told me that ugh) and I was about 225 lbs and you could have easily thought I was 10 years older than I actually was. It was sad. I was sad. And you could actually see it from the way I carried myself, talked, my activities EVERYTHING! My life was my kids and my marriage was not good. I just wasn’t in a good place in life. I considered suicide. Again. But I promised myself I would never leave my children motherless. At least not by my hand. I’ve always struggled with depression most of my life. When I was 4 & 5 years old I was molested. I don’t remember all of what happened but I knew what was going on wasn’t right. My mother found out what happened and actions were taken and people went to jail. But unfortunately I went with them to my own personal jail. It’s something about having your innocence taken away that makes you feel dirty, tainted, and unworthy. I can say my Mama did the best she could to make sure I went to therapy and group sessions but this was all while I was still very young. See you don’t really feel the effects of what abuse does to you until you are older. Until you are growing up and your body changes and you experience love or what you think is love and deal with the stresses of adulting. All of that took a toll on me. However I survived those things but I wasn’t living life. I was cold, mean, not affectionate, and confusing to people that loved me. The tiniest thing would depress me and I never ever felt someone would truly love me because of what I had been through and therefore I never let anyone be close to me. In October 2001 I attempted suicide after a break up. I took as many Xanax pills as I had which were quite a few and decided to leave this earth. I’m not sure if I really wanted to die but at that time I didn’t feel worthy enough to stay here. Fortunately I was awakened by family members and an ambulance and I was not too far gone so my stomach didn’t have to be pumped but I did have to drink that nasty charcoal (y’all you will have that stuff in your system for months!) and I was committed to a psych ward for 2 days. It was an experience I never wish to have again. Years later I wanted to live but I still wasn’t enjoying life because of the depression. I still was looking for love that I didn’t give myself. BUT GOD!!! He will let you know you are loved. I can’t say it was a church that helped me specifically it was just my prayers and I’m sure the prayers of others that were interceding on my behalf but I decided I wanted to love me. I wanted to love me like God loves me. I wanted to enjoy my life as Rickey Nicole. Not a wife or mom or daughter or sister. Just as me. And then the transformation began. Was it overnight? Of course not. But little by little I started discovering who I was and what I liked and didn’t like and what I enjoyed doing and started living a little. I experimented with new clothing. I discovered make up and hair tutorials on YouTube and I tried everything whether it worked or not lol. Those things might seem superficial but discovering my beauty and worth filled me with happiness and people could tell. I’m still an introvert (ha I bet you don’t believe that) but I talk to people now instead of hide. I laugh, I smile, I’m even a bit of a flirt (with my husband of course *wink*). Life has changed drastically since I’ve learned to love myself. And even though everyday isn’t peachy I still remember where I was and I’m grateful because I’m here to experience it all the good and the bad. This is also why I celebrate being a seasoned woman because I got better as I grew older and I hope to inspire other ladies that aging can be THE best blessing (I mean a birthday means you are still living right!) So I guess I’ll leave you with a tip to the secret of how I discovered self love. Remember you were created in His image and He even knows the number of hairs on your head. Tell me who knows that!!! God! And through Him ALL things are possible even loving yourself almost as much as He loves you. I mean cause you can’t out love God but you can come pretty dang close!

Love Ricki

Be Better!

Don’t say New Year, New me. You’re already good just be better!

Dress: Forever 21 Shoes: JustFab (old) Fur Stole: Forever21 Clutch: 99cent only store

So normally around this time of year everyone is making their New Year resolutions. Well I’m not. I don’t think the beginning of a new year should be an indicator of change. First of all most people are scared of change but it is necessary in life. Without changes there would be no growth. Personally I have learned to embrace change. Without change I wouldn’t have this blog and have met so many wonderful women and men who have helped me grow and learn. So yeah change is scary but it definitely can also be good.

Another thing that a lot of people say this season is new year, new me. To me this is to say the old you isn’t good or something which is totally untrue. I think we are all good people (well most of us, our current world leader is questionable), some of us just get in bad situations, or make not so smart decisions or life just happens and our reactions aren’t well thought out or planned. But we are all still good. So instead of saying new year, new me, say new year, better me. Better decisions, better situations, and better reactions and planning. All that will lead to what I believe the Lord has put in all of us which is greatness! So in 2018, be GREAT!!

So this last minute NYE look is actually not last minute. I’ve had this dress since October from Forever21 (the plus line, it’s a 0x) and these shoes from JustFab for 3 yrs. I added the fur stole (it was on sale under $15) also from Forever21 and the sequined/ velvet clutch is from wait for it…the 99 cent only store! It doesn’t cost a lot to look poppin as the young folks say!!

I hope that you and your loved ones have a safe, happy and prosperous New Year. I will be sipping a little something something from the comfort of my own home for the free 99 but if you turn up make sure to do it responsibly and safely!!!

Love Ricki

Not Today Satan!!!

Tell the enemy to kick rocks!

Shirt: Etsy Skirt: NY&Company

Satan definitely tried it when I was trying to get this post done! So I had planned this post about 3 weeks ago when I first saw this skirt here. When it went on sale for 50% off I grabbed it and I planned on finding a graphic tee to wear with it. I have fallen in love with graphic tees thanks to my blogger boo Ranisha (check out her blog here, she’s awesome!) but I knew I didn’t just want any shirt, I wanted one with a message or something I really liked. As a seasoned woman I just don’t like to walk around with just anything on my chest. I want people to feel something even if it’s just nostalgia. So I was just about to click the buy button on a Sade T-shirt (and don’t worry I’m still gonna get it lol) but something said hey this would be a chance to style an outfit for church especially with this gorgeous velvet skirt. So I searched some Christian tees on Etsy and this was one of THE first shirts I saw. I knew this was it because I had a friend/co-worker who would always say “Not Today!” whenever his conversation with a client was going in the wrong direction if you catch my drift.

Shoes: Lola Shoetique Fishnet Socks: Rue 21

So this is when things went left. I ordered the wrong color shirt. My original vision for this look was a white tee with black writing but oops I don’t think I paid attention when checking out. BUT I didn’t open the package until the day of the shoot. I also planned on wearing a pearl bib necklace with it to dress it up for church but the necklace was so big it covered up the writing. So I took another L and just settled on simple accessories since it was my goal to just get this message across. I struggled y’all because I stayed out too long and my makeup sucked, my wig wouldn’t act right (hence the ponytail) and my photographer failed to tell me one sock was falling down around my ankle. BUT I still fought and pulled thru bc when I heard what happened in my home state of Texas Sunday I knew everyone I could reach needed to see this. The difficulties I ran into were NOTHING! People lost their lives AND the fear of not feeling safe in their place of worship, which should be a sacred place, was felt in the hearts of Americans everywhere. Well I am here to say on my small piece of the web that fear does not exist except when it comes to fearing God and Him only! I still have my faith because I know what God has done for me and delivered me from. With age comes experience and the knowing that this too shall pass. I pray for everyone that was affected and hurt and my prayer is also that we continue to go to our places of worship wherever that may be. Praise and worship confuses the enemy so let’s make sure he stays out the loop. Not today Satan, or tomorrow or ever! I’ll see y’all at church.

Love Ricki