No More Bambi




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Let me tell you I don’t follow trends, if I like something and it fits into my style and wardrobe I buy it but I am here for the flats and slides trend! Now don’t get it twisted I still love heels just like the next woman. I love the way they look with certain outfits and how it makes my calves look like I’ve been in the gym (ha!) BUT I if I can be honest they hurt! And just to keep it real with ya’ll I am not the most graceful person either. In the past my sister has teased me endlessly saying I look like Bambi trying to walk (insert side eye here). Now over time I have gotten better wearing heels but they still hurt. And it ALWAYS gets me when I read reviews for heels and some women comment that they are so comfortable. That’s a lie and the truth isn’t in them! Just kidding, they may be comfortable for some women and I guess I am just jealous because they have never been comfortable for me, just bearable. Please share any tips you have on making heels more comfortable in the comments. Please. Anyway, this is why I am loving the flats and slides trend!!! I have not seen so many fashionable flat shoes in a long while and I am loving most I have seen. I have ordered a few and will be styling them on the blog in the weeks to come but I have linked several affordable options above from Shein. If you have never heard of Shein they are an online fashion store based in Asia. They are very affordable and carry lots of trends and designer inspired pieces that you may want to try but don’t want to spend a lot of money on. Now in all honesty some items are hit and miss but for the most part I have been pretty satisfied with my purchases. This will be my first time ordering shoes from them and I will let you know how they are as soon as I receive them. In the meantime, ladies we no longer have to be a slave to fashion and heels, we can be chic in flats! As I have said before I am almost 40 and I need my knees so I am all over these and I hope ya’ll check them out!

Love Ricki

Author: rickiloves

Welcome to my blog, I'm Ricki! I always wanted to share my love for fashion and beauty and a few other things so I finally took the leap and did it! I am almost 40, a wife, mother of 4 and work in progress! I hope to show you with all that life brings your way, you can still be stylish and beautiful! No matter your age, shape, size, budget or imitations I hope to show you that you can always be the best version of you!

4 thoughts on “No More Bambi”

  1. I love your humor and I too am also loving all the latest flats…..with all the bling. I have to agree, I love my heels but they do hurt sometimes 😜


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