She’s Basic: 5 Reasons I’m okay with being Basic

It’s okay to be basic

So I had planned another outfit for this post but last minute I had to pick something else. I couldn’t bring myself to wear much less promote anything from a company that obviously doesn’t want my coins and as a mother of a black son I’m just not here for it. So anyway I really had no idea what I wanted to wear and went to the mall for some inspiration. While browsing the clearance racks I found this gray duster and figured this would work with my favorite skinny jeans and a white shirt. But then it hit me! This outfit is so BASIC. No one will be excited about seeing these pics. I was on the verge of picking something else out, spending coins I shouldn’t when I said to myself this is a cute outfit. Why would I spend money I didn’t need to spend in order to impress anyone? I’m sorry that’s just not what a Seasoned Woman does. So instead I bought it and styled it (if you can even call it that) for the blog. I’m okay with being basic. And here are some reasons why:

  1. Being Basic keeps my coins in my purse- When we try to impress people (people that don’t really care anyway) by being the flashiest or most extra, we are normally spending money we may not even have. Believe me ladies I know, I know. I’ve been the one with the designer bag and high heels trying to be the epitome of the Trina song we know so well. It didn’t do anything but leave me with no money to put in that purse and bad knees. As I’ve gotten more seasoned I’ve become okay with wearing basics. And this doesn’t just apply to clothes. It can happen when you try to be flashy and “front” as we used to say by being at every event knowing full well your gas light in your car is on or trying to keep up with Jones’ and having every cable channel, NBA league pass AND NFL ticket when no one humanly possible even has time to watch all that stuff much less pay for it! Hell I don’t even want cable anymore. I’ll Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime and chill any night. Or read a book (or listen to one).
  2. Being Basic helps me stay in my own lane-A big part of being better (my word for 2018 -see the post here) is to focus on my strengths and improve upon my weaknesses and being basic helps me focus on that. When you’re not try to do all things and be everything and everywhere you learn to focus on what you love and what’s important. Suddenly losing so many loved ones last year helped me regain focus on truly living my life, discovering my passion and loving the ones I’m with.
  3. Being Basic keeps me drama free-Nothing to see here cause I’m basic. When you give them nothing to talk about, there’s nothing to talk about. I’ll just stay over here making my moves in silence. Thanks.
  4. Being Basic makes me unbothered- I don’t let too many things, people or situations bother me anymore. As a seasoned woman I have learned what is and what isn’t worth my time and energy. Sometimes that means being quiet, forgiving the offense and moving on to other things. I’ve also learned that worrying solves nothing and prayer solves everything. Saying just pray about it may be the most basic response someone can give when an issue arises but who can argue that prayer doesn’t work? I’ll wait.
  5. Being Basic gets ish done- When you’re in your own lane, got a few dollars in that basic bag and you’re drama free and unbothered you get finish things. Honestly if I was trying to do the most, this blog post wouldn’t have gotten done. I think we all spend a little too much time on elaborate ideas instead of just executing simple plans, step by step. I always believe the mantra, progress is better than perfection. And who really wants to be fabulous but not moving forward in life. Not saying you shouldn’t present your best but just don’t get caught up that nothing is accomplished. Rather than trying to be the perfect most original blogger ever (in my opinion there is really no original idea only an original you!) I’ll just be basic and live my best life!

Love Ricki

Author: rickiloves

Welcome to my blog, I'm Ricki! I always wanted to share my love for fashion and beauty and a few other things so I finally took the leap and did it! I am almost 40, a wife, mother of 4 and work in progress! I hope to show you with all that life brings your way, you can still be stylish and beautiful! No matter your age, shape, size, budget or imitations I hope to show you that you can always be the best version of you!

16 thoughts on “She’s Basic: 5 Reasons I’m okay with being Basic”

  1. Simple yet classy is what it is, and there is no shame in that! There are millionaires that spend all their time in a tshirt and jeans and still look good. You look really good and that 1st pic especially is beautiful! 😉 x x x

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  2. I love this whole concept!!! I remember back in high school I was voted best dressed. I wore everything Tommy Girl down to the perfume, always had the latest shoes and Coach bags. Where is all that stuff now? Outdated and at the thrift store. Dressing flashy back then & throughout my 20’s didn’t get me anywhere but in credit card debt. After working hard to pay off all that debt, I’m now in my 30’s and I’m living super basic! I have basic bags, a few Coach bags, shoes and basic old navy gear lol. BUT, being basic allowed me to pay off bills, get closer to God and buy a new home & car. It’s 2018, I’m all about living low key basic and accomplishing goals!

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    1. See that’s exactly what I’m talking about sis!!! You are a homeowner that’s the important thing! You can’t really pass any of that flashy stuff down to your children. People need to focus less on trying to impress folks that don’t really car anyway and build a legacy!!!

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  3. Loving this to the Max !! i Took a break from the world and unplugged and discovered I am really in Love with who God has created me to be !! Basic is a beautiful thing Amen!!!

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  4. Hello, Ricki! I follow you on Instagram as @LadyLevi. This blog so resonated with me because I actually love just being… BASIC! You looked great and I enjoyed your Seasoned Honesty. Keep INSPIRING us with your BASIC FLOW! 💋💞

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  5. Ricki you are speaking so much wisdom here. Thank you for writing and thank you for teaching us how to love our basic natures! Don’t know if you’re a believer but you’re doing God’s work.

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